About us

Adequo. The meaning of our name is to equilibrate or to place somebody in the same position. Our mission is the promotion of social equilibrium and to encourage the skill development of the disadvantaged.

We would like to operate through the building and maintaining those connections that are capable of letting the socially most disadvantaged truly receive the available sources. They should not only function as a ”target group” but also as the forming power of their own fate.

To reach our aims and in order to have a positive outcome most of the social figures have to concerted. Also, a confidential and concerned environment must be created in which we may realize our aims.

We have learned to respect human connections in every layer of the society. Through this knowledge we are capable of analysing more complex social networks as well. We are able to co-examine the evolution of the social networks and their normative environment. We have realized that regulation forming and social networks mutually shape each other.


What we offer:

  1. Consultative assistance for the process of norm-forming (law construction and the making of regulations)
  2. The making of expositive surveys which respect the attributes of the networks as well as those of the administration.
  3. Lobbying that is primarily based on trust and the topography of the networks.
  4. Network analysis and the depiction of the norm-forming capabilities of the networks as well as discovering the individuals who define normative authenticity and emergence.
  5. Community-building with special trainings during which we help the individuals to fit in the specific community required by the organizational network.
  6. Ego-network analysis and the editing of the connecting points of the ego-networks.
  7. Data protection consultation, data leak analysis.